Biodegradable Urns are the Right Choice

Death is inevitable. What matters is how you want to live after your death. People remember us by our deeds long after we are gone. Certainly everyone cannot become the public hero or great man by sacrificing each and everything. However, we all can do something to improve ours and others’ life. There are many people who are contributing to the welfare of unknown. For example environmental degradation is the prime concern today and it is the responsibility of everyone of us to keep it pure by not polluting it. There are many people who are adopting all measures in their lifestyle to protect environment from degradation.

They buy eco friendly products, minimize carbon emission from their vehicle, machines and equipment’s, save electricity and do plant trees. You can continue this trend even after your death by clearly mentioning your wish to dispose your remains only in biodegradable urns at Memorials.

Bamboo-urnThere are many ways to dispose remains of a dead person. The dead body can be buried, or might get cremated and the remains then be spread around in a garden, open air, or at ocean. However, if someone opts to do it in more natural way, the biodegradable urns are the right choice. Here are some reasons to prove it:
Easy to Break – It takes only a few weeks to biodegradable urns to break down. Whether you are burying it in the ground, or at sea, it will take only few weeks to mingle with nature without leaving any trace behind.

No mess – there are many cases when people scatter remains in open air or at sea. This is not really the right procedure. You don’t know where the wind is going to take them and it might pose problems for others. Therefore the right way to pay respect to the diseased person is to bury his/her remains in natural manner and let it mix with nature through nature’s own way.

Looks beautiful – earlier people have been dispensing the thought of using biodegradable urns because they did not look beautiful. But it is not so today. These urns are being designed in beautiful designs and colors. Even you can’t distinguish them with their other counterparts if put together. Therefore they are good enough to be put among guests/visitors when they gather to mourn. This gives them a physical entity to mourn at instead of mourning merely on memory.
No carbon – using a disposable urn helps you minimize the carbon footprint and you can stay committed to protect nature even to the last possible extent in your control.

Whether you are going to plan your own funeral (which many a people like to do before they die these days) or whether this is for a family member or even if for your pet, you must check the different options available and should give a plus credit to biodegradable urns as they deserve if for their inherent quality to discompose with nature in very short time. After all it’s our responsibility to handover a cleaner environment to our offspring.

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